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The function of the intelligent balanced car configuration
    Travel Travel
    Walking is a physical property of the electric car balance and has the same type of products, at speeds of up to 20km, a single charge can be completed 20-70km mileage.
    Mobile video
    Electric balance car can be combined with mobile phone, DV, camera and other devices, the use of its automatic walking function, mobile shooting platform.
    APP application
    Electric balance car can be connected with the mobile phone, through the mobile phone APP, you can real-time traffic and the traffic information, while APP can also achieve friends, sharing and other functions, but also with a Bluetooth configuration, through mobile phone Bluetooth to control the car.
    Bluetooth speaker
    Equipped with Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth music through mobile phones, mobile music platform. Product features
    Power drive, low noise: electric power balance car using lithium battery as a power source, to achieve zero emissions of carbon, and the use of power conversion technology, the process can be automatically charged for the lithium battery pack, so that the electric energy and the kinetic energy can be recycled, and due to improved motor performance, so the electric car noise is very small.
    Small volume, light weight, vertical projection area of pairs of slippers size, small space occupation, and can quickly remove the handle. Electric vehicle weight around 15kg, while the body is equipped with a pull rod, easy to carry.
    Stand up and drive: electric balance car uses the way of the vertical driving, through the body center of gravity and control rod to control the vehicle body. At the same time you can use the spare parts of the short handle, with the legs to control the body movement, the liberation of hands.

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