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Technology principle and characteristics of smart car balance
    Operation principle is to establish the basic principle of the "dynamic stability" (DynamicStabilization), which is called "dynamic stability" (). To determine the posture of the body in the form of a built - in solid state gyroscope (Solid-StateGyroscopes), and to calculate the effect of the motor to achieve the balance after the precise and high speed of the central microprocessor.
    1, about two rounds of electric vehicles, a unique balance design.
    2, set the "embedded + industrial design + art design" product integration innovation technology, embedded technology to enhance the product's internal intelligence, in order to adapt to the trend of the modern product digital, intelligent, realize the innovation from the inside out.
    3, product information modeling, the establishment of a set of both product shape features, but also contains the user's cognitive image of the psychological characteristics of the system, and on this basis to further develop the product of the user's final requirements for the product generation system.

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