Riding scooters safety equipment

Source: Yongkang Kangshi industry and Trade Co., Ltd.Release time: 2022-11-02

● Helmet

A quality helmet is the most important safety device, if the child does not wear a helmet when riding a scooter, scratches and sprains can be quickly recovered, but the head injury will greatly affect the child's future life.

● Shoe protection

It is important to note that shoes must be wearable and durable while all parts of the shoe must be worn without discomfort. Most athletic shoes are very suitable for scooter sports, sandals and flip-flops are the least suitable for scooter sports.

Knee pads

The most significant invention for knee pads is the invention of plastic knee pads. There are many other knee pads that work very well, and wearing any of them is better than not wearing any.


Scooter gloves come in many shapes and sizes, but the ideal gloves are those that fit well and keep your child's hands safe from injury.

● Wrist guards

Like knee pads, wrist guards with a plastic brim are the best mutual wrist guards, while there are many alternatives that function the same way.