How to maintain electric scooters

Source: Yongkang Kangshi industry and Trade Co., Ltd.Release time: 2022-10-22

Daily cleaning

1. Before cleaning, please ensure that the electric scooter is in the off state, the charging port dust plug is tightly closed, and the battery cover is closed.

2. Use a wet towel or brush to clean the dust of the body, and then dry it with a dry towel.

3. Avoid using corrosive solutions to clean the body to prevent corrosion of the surface of the body.

Battery maintenance

1. Remind the power is too low after please do not ride again full speed to extend the battery life.

2. Long time not in use, the battery can be regularly (1 ~ 3 months) charge to about 80% or unplug the power cord to save. Battery damage caused by long storage is not covered by the warranty.

3. Use the battery in cold temperatures will be affected by low temperatures, but will return to normal levels of range after the temperature rises. (Usually used at 0C, the range will be reduced by about 30% compared to the normal temperature)

4. Please do not expose to sunlight.

5. Do not leave the battery pack in the trunk of the car under the sun for a long time.

6. Please do not place the battery pack randomly, it may be damaged by water or fallen impact, resulting in unusable battery pack.

Brake Maintenance

1. Check the brakes regularly, if the brake distance is too long, tighten the screws on the brake cable clockwise.

2. Replace the brake pads or brake discs in time if the brakes are rattling.

3. Please find a local professional repairer to operate the brake pads or brake discs for replacement.

4. It is forbidden to apply lubricant on the brake discs and brake disks.